What to Consider When Choosing a Data Migration Solution

Replay from October 2018

You have just purchased that new storage array, now what?  How will you get your data to the new array the easiest, fastest, and least intrusive way possible?  There are many options in the market today to move data, however which is best for your company and your requirements to make sure you can use that new storage quickly, with little to no downtime, and with no disruptions or impact to current workflow or processes?  

In this Tech Talk Thursday presentation, we will discuss three categories of data migration solutions:

  • Storage Array-Based
  • Host Based
  • Appliance Based
We will go through the pros and cons of each type, when to use them and most importantly, when not to.  At the end of the discussion, we will open it up to the audience to ask their specific questions and get insight into what the experts think is the best practice for your next data migration project.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Data Migration Solution